About Maryika

Maryika produces well-designed living spaces without compromise. She believes that a building can become a wonderful home when shaped by client’s needs and supported by mindful design actions.

Since founding SPACES over 20 years ago, Maryika is widely recognized for her clever space planning, refined use of materials, and for developing an original approach to every design project without sliding into repetition or ready-made solutions.

Trained as an interior architect, Maryika is fluent in the aesthetic, spatial and technical languages of design. Collaborating with her clients, she creates living spaces that are beautiful, well organized and functional. She feels strongly that a designer needs to analyze and respond rather than preconceive and impose.


We believe that the design process should be pleasurable and effective. We create designs that are innovative and free of ready-made solutions. We help our clients to understand and verbalize their needs and desires so they can make the right choices for their lifestyle and surround themselves with beauty and a sense of ease.

We collaborate with architects, builders, craftsmen, and artists in every phase of the project to produce the best results.


We are a full-service design company and the framework for all of our design decisions is based on the intelligent integration of architecture and interior design results in meaningful form.

We believe a balance of visual and physical comfort is the ultimate objective for every space.

We design living spaces, custom furniture, upholstery, and fixtures. The scope of our projects ranges from interior architecture to small-scale design details. To provide a complete design experience, we furnish homes with beautiful linens, tabletop decor and kitchen equipment items.

We create based on values that believe beauty is healing and inspiring on every level, and that good design celebrates and supports emotional and functional rituals of daily life.